At MindZip, an international team work on the revolution of sustainable learning. We develop the world's first marketplace for compressed knowledge and technologies for the efficient internalization of knowledge. Our goal is to make the world smarter.

Knowledge that we do not repeat or apply fades away quickly. ** With just 5 minutes of MindZip a day, you can internalize all the important points of 20 books per year! ** How often do you try in vain to remember things what you have already learned in the past?

MindZip · The art of perfecting your skills twice as fast.

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What you can expect from us

We are a fast-growing startup and offer challenging jobs for you as a student.

  • You are part of an excellent team, you will have a steep learning curve and always be able to bring in your ideas at any time.
  • Your ideas will be discussed in the team and maybe a few days later in the app, implemented on our website and used by thousands of people.
  • Your reliable and independent work ensures that we continue to inspire our users and accelerate growth.
  • As a startup, we have interesting tasks in many different areas where you can get involved, for example: Marketing, PR, Design, Project Management, Development, Business Development.
  • We clarify your salary depending on the extent of your activity (part-time/full-time)

What we expect from you

  • You have already gained experience in internships, part-time jobs or in your own projects.
  • You can understand complex issues and work purpose-driven, sometimes even independently on solutions.
  • You are also able to "think out of the box" and solve creative challenges.
  • The Internet is your second home, you are on the social networks and actively using different apps.
  • Basically, students from every subject can apply, passion in the matter and affinity for the use of modern technologies are particularly important.
  • Full time or part time (after training)


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